InnoSyn offers a team of passionate & experienced problem solvers, applying innovative and cost-efficient technologies such as flow chemistry, bio- and chemocatalysis, to advance competitiveness of our customers across the (fine) chemical industries. Whether you are looking for i. a scalable route to produce your new chemical compound of interest, or ii. facing challenges on […]

Bielefeld University

The research activities of the Gröger group has been centering since many years around the application of enzymes as valuable and environmental friendly catalysts in organic synthetic transformations. A particular goal of the highly interdisciplinary research projects has been the development of synthetic processes which fulfil the criteria of high efficiency, sustainability as well as […]

Graz Technical University

The Institute of Molecular Biotechnology uses molecular strategies to develop enzymes for pharmaceutical and biocatalytic applications. Research includes the recruitment of novel enzymes from specific organisms or habitats by recombinant DNA techniques, the molecular characterization of the respective genes, and structural and functional analyses of the encoded proteins. A major field of interest is the […]

Greifswald University

The Junior-Professorship for Protein Biochemistry research group focuses on enzyme discovery for biocatalysis. Their vision is to apply in silico screening approaches for identification of biocatalysts with desired properties (e.g., substrate specificity). Additionally, they use protein engineering to improve the protein in the desired way. The identified catalysts are applied for the biocatalytic synthesis of […]

Saromics Biostructures

SARomics Biostructures provides premium protein crystallization, protein crystallography and drug discovery services. SARomics Biostructures is based in Lund, Sweden, conveniently located in the heart of Medicon Valley, one of Europe’s strongest biotech clusters. Their labs and offices are located at Medicon Village, a new research center created at the former Astra Zeneca site in Lund. […]


EntreChem focuses on novel products obtained by metabolic pathway engineering, particularly combinatorial biosynthesis of bacterial natural products produced by microbial fermentation with application in the pharmaceutical (antitumorals, antibiotics, antifungals) or agricultural (bioinsecticides, herbicides) markets. EntreChem is also active on biocatalysis, offering enantiomerically pure products as well as services for custom synthesis of optically pure compounds, […]


The focus of Enzymicals is to provide integrated solutions for biocatalytic applications. Dedicated to design, develop and implement cost-effective, sustainable and scalable chemo-biocatalytic routes. Enzymicals offers a recognized expertise in the application of enzymatic processes for the synthesis of complex chemicals up to industrial scale. Key Persons involved in the Biocascades Project

Technical University Braunschweig

The research group of Prof. Dr. Anett Schallmey believes that enzymes are excellent and sustainable catalysts applicable for many chemical reactions and thus present a valuable alternative to many chemical catalysts. Their interdisciplinary research focuses on the investigation, utilization and engineering of novel enzymes as biocatalysts for various industrially relevant applications. Key Persons involved in […]

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The Biocatalysis group at KTH has fully equipped research facilities for molecular biology work, protein expression and purification, organic synthesis, analysis and molecular modeling at the School of Biotechnology. We share state-of-the-art analytical equipment with several groups (GC-MS, HPLC, MS, plate readers and NMR). The research of Prof. Dr. Per Berglund’s group in the area […]

University of Oviedo

The research group of Prof. Francisca Rebolledo Vicente is focused on the development of chemoenzymatic methods for the production of compounds of interest in organic synthesis and with potential pharmacological activity. Enzymes used are hydrolases, oxynitrilases, and oxidoreductases. Ongoing projects deal with chemoenzymatic synthesis of optically active vicinal diamines, β-amino alcohols, and β-amino acids derivatives, […]