Date: 9-11/04/2018 Location: Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Bielefeld University, Germany After almost a year of organizational work and thanks to your contribution, the 2018 International CeBiTec Research Conference on Reaction Concepts for Industrial Biocatalysis finally took last April 2018. The conference was a successful three day scientific event for both academic and industrial participants. […]

Tribute to a Canadian Hurricane

Shall we play a little game? I would like to ask you to raise your hand if you have had the chance to go to school. How many of you? Wow! That’s something! Ok… Soo… Now, put your arm down if you did not go to university or if you never got a degree. There […]

ERC Starting Grant awarded to Greifswalder Biochemist

Junior Professor Matthias Höhne from the University of Greifswald has been awarded a “Starting Grant” from the European Research Council (ERC). He teaches and researches at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences’ Institute of Biochemistry. Together with his research group, he discovers and improves new proteins, which are used as biocatalysts for chemical reactions. […]

Biocat Poster Prize 2016

Congratulations to our very own Laura Leemans (ESR1) and Nicolás Ríos-Lombardía of Entrechem for bagging the Biocat Poster Prize 2016 during the Biocat 2016 Conference in Hamburg, Germany! More about the Biocat 2016 conference and the Poster Prize here. Image source: http://biocatconference.de/2016/biocat-poster-prize-2016/

What is Genetic Engineering?

A lot of discussion is going on right know whether or not it is healthy and acceptable to cultivate and eat genetically engineered organisms (GMOs)- in particular plants. The amount of information available is immense and mostly gives an impression of an uncontrolled development of plants with unpredictable properties. In this article I want to […]

Recruitment Event

Out of the 460 job applications that the Biocascades project received, we were able to narrow the best candidates and invited 15 candidates to vie for the ESR positions. The candidates were invite to participate in the Biocascades recruiting event at TU Hamburg-Harburg in Germany last March 3, 2015. We conducted parallel sessions, where the […]

Biocascades Kick-off Meeting

The Biocascades Project started the project with a Kick-off meeting in sunny Barcelona, Spain, last January 25, 2015. This is the first time where all the project partners would be meeting the whole consortium, so it is very important to have an informal (spontaneous) gathering the night before the meeting proper. All principal investigators of […]