KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The Biocatalysis group at KTH has fully equipped research facilities for molecular biology work, protein expression and purification, organic synthesis, analysis and molecular modeling at the School of Biotechnology. We share state-of-the-art analytical equipment with several groups (GC-MS, HPLC, MS, plate readers and NMR).

The research of Prof. Dr. Per Berglund’s group in the area of Biocatalysis involves engineering of enzymes and processes for sustainable synthesis of high-value chemical products. We combine applied enzymology, in silico molecular modelling and organic chemistry to tailor enzymes for industrial conditions.

Key Persons involved in the Biocascades Project


Professor Dr. Per Berglund will supervise ESR9 and ESR8 .

Dr. Berglund has been Associate Professor at KTH since 2002, Full Professor in Biochemistry at Division of Industrial Biotechnology in 2009, and currently the Vice Dean of KTH. He was a research leader in the national Swedish initiative on transaminases 2009-2012 with industrial partners Saromics, AstraZeneca and Cambrex, funded by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.

View his professional resume here.