Ruhr University Bochum

Focus of the Microbial Biotechnology Junior Research group lies on the application of protein engineering and molecular modeling for the generation of improved enzymes for the synthesis of fine chemicals and the utilization of renewable resources. On-going projects deal with the engineering of decarboxylases and the isolation of novel terpene functionalization enzyme systems.

Key Persons involved in the Biocascades Project


Jun. -Prof. Dr. Robert Kourist is the coordinator of the Biocascades Project and will supervise ESR4 and ESR5. He is the leader of Workpackage 2 and will organize the Workshop on Enzyme Cascades, which will be held at Ruhr University Bochum.

Dr. Robert Kourist has international experience from research stays at KTH Stockholm (Sweden), University of Oviedo (Spain) and Keio University, Yokohama (Japan). In 2009, he was awarded the DSM Science and Technology Award.

Project Manager

Julirose Gonzales is the project manager of the Biocascades Project and is the point of contact between the Consortium and the European Commission Research Executive Agency.

Julirose has international network training experience from her research stays at University Malaya (Malaysia), Keio University, Yokohama (Japan), and TU Munich (Germany). She graduated with a degree in Manufacturing Engineer and Management with expertise in Robotics and Sustainable Manufacturing. She also has industrial experience working as an Industrial Engineer at Intel.