University of Oviedo

The research group of Prof. Francisca Rebolledo Vicente is focused on the development of chemoenzymatic methods for the production of compounds of interest in organic synthesis and with potential pharmacological activity. Enzymes used are hydrolases, oxynitrilases, and oxidoreductases. Ongoing projects deal with chemoenzymatic synthesis of optically active vicinal diamines, β-amino alcohols, and β-amino acids derivatives, among other compounds.

Key Persons involved in the Biocascades Project


Associate Professor Dr. Francisca Rebolledo Vicente will supervise ESR6. She will co-organize the Workshop on Publications and dissemination, which will be held at Oviedo on 2017.

Dr. Rebolledo Vicente studied Bachelor of Chemistry at the Faculty of the University of Extremadura and the same university defended her doctoral thesis in 1985. In early 1991, she got a position as Professor of Organic Chemistry at the Department of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Oviedo, a post she continues to hold today.