Workpackage 5: Management

Project Coordinator: Jun.-Prof. Robert Kourist
Coordinating Insitution: Ruhr University Bochum

Project Manager: Julirose Gonzales

Tasks of the Management Team

The primary responsibilities for the coordinator are:

• Monitoring overall implementation of the Project
• Acting as primary contact for the EU Project Officer
• Chairing Meetings of the steering committee
• Submitting reports and deliverables to the EU Project Officer
• Submitting cost claims and audit certificates
• Receiving and distributing payments from the EC
• Producing financial reports as per H2020 reporting requirement

The primary responsibilities for the project manager are:

• Acting as secondary contact for EU Project Officer
• Acting as secretary for the Steering Committee meetings
• Collating Work Package (WP) reports to produce overall quarterly project reports
• Reviewing progress in conjunction with the steering committee
• Formulating project documentation and templates
• Providing advice and information to consortium partners
• Writing periodic management reports
• Maintenance of consortium plan

The Biocascades Project is a joint collaboration among the following university and industrial partners