Workpackage 6: Training

Workpackage Leader: Prof. Dr. Anett Schallmey
Lead beneficiary: TU Braunschweig

Description of the Training Workpackage

-Prof. Anett Schallmey is the training manager. She is supported by the Project Manager.
-Career development is monitored by career development plans. Supervision of all ESRs is monitored by supervision agreements and career plans ESRs participate in graduate schools at KTH, RUB, UGR, UOV and UVA. ECTS points from training events are acknowledged by these.
-Entrepreneurial seminars at the host institutions provide transferable skills.
-Training events complement training in graduate schools.
-A ring lecture provides research-related background for the ESRs
-Funding mechanisms – BIOCASCADES awards: Proposal presentation, evaluation by external advisory committee, implementation: three months stay at research institution of choice

The Biocascades Project is a joint collaboration among the following university and industrial partners