Training Program

Dedicated workshops organized by members of the consortium and participation in summer schools offers a consortium-wide training for scientific and transferable skills needed for the interdisciplinary approach. The participation of supervisors from the private sector increases exposure to industry and strengthens the focus on transferable skills. Attending the workshops is of high importance for the team-building of the BIOCASCADES ESRs. In each workshop, also other graduate students from the organizing research group are invited to participate together with the ESRs.

Network-wide Workshops, Meetings and Seminars

no Event Location Tentative Date
1 Kick Off Meeting Barcelona-Spain 23. January 2015
2 Recruitment Event TU Hamburg-Harburg-Germany 3. March 2015
3 Workshop on Enzyme Cascades and 1st Progress Meeting Ruhr University Bochum-Germany 27.-30. October 2015
4 Advance Course on Biocatalysis and Protein Engineering TU Delft- Netherlands 4.-8. April 2016
5 Workshop on Biocatalyst Engineering and 2nd Progress Meeting (in conjunction with BioCat 2016 conference in Hamburg) Greifswald University-Germany Aug/Sept 2016
6 Midterm Report Meeting DSM-Netherlands Jan/Feb 2017
7 Workshop on Science and Innovation and Gender Retreat TU Graz-Austria April 2017
8 Workshop on Publications and dissemination Oviedo-Spain September 2017
9 Workshop on IP and Project management together with Commercialization meeting DSM-Netherlands March 2018
10 ESRs Symposium (KTH) Stockholm-Sweden June 2018