Early Stage Researchers

  • L.Leemans


    a.k.a. ESR1 Department of Biotechnology Section BOC Julianalaan 136 2628 BL Delft The Netherlands Project title: Synthesis of enantiopure 1,2-aminoalcohols …Read More »
  • G. Dwivedi

    G. Dwivedi

    a.k.a. ESR2 Enzymicals AG Walther-Rathenau-Straße 49a 17489 Greifswald Germany Project title: Synthesis of enantiopure 1,2-aminoalcohols from α-haloketones I am Gaurav …Read More »
  • E. Calderini

    E. Calderini

    a.k.a. ESR3 Institute of Microbiology, TU Braunschweig Spielmannstr. 7 38106 Braunschweig Germany Project title: Synthesis of enantiopure 1,2-aminoalcohols from alkenes …Read More »
  • F. Busch

    F. Busch

    a.k.a. ESR4 DSM Chemical Technology R&D BV Sittard The Netherlands Project title: Flow chemistry for synthesis of enantiopure 1,3/1,4-hydroxyaminoacids from …Read More »
  • R. Cordeiro

    R. Cordeiro

    a.k.a. ESR5 Junior Research Group on Microbial Biotechnology Ruhr University Bochum Germany Project title: Synthesis of enantiopure 1,3/1,4- aminoalcohols from …Read More »
  • Elisa Liardo

    Elisa Liardo

    a.k.a. ESR6 Quimica Organica e Inorganica Universidad de Oviedo Oviedo Spain Project title: Novel amino donors for efficient equilibrium shift …Read More »
  • O.Sviatenko


    a.k.a. ESR7 Department of Biotechnology and Enzyme Catalysis Institute of Biochemistry Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald Felix-Hausdorff-Str. 4 Greifswald 17487, Germany Project title: …Read More »
  • F.Ruggieri


    a.k.a. ESR8 SARomics Biostructures AB Medicon Village SE-223 81 Lund Sweden Project title: Transaminase-catalyzed de-racemization cascade reactions My name is …Read More »
  • Lisa Marx

    Lisa Marx

    a.k.a. ESR9 PhD student in Biocatalysis (Industrial Biotechnology) School of Biotechnology KTH, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm Sweden Project title: …Read More »
  • A. Telzerow

    A. Telzerow

    a.k.a. ESR10 Institute of Molecular Biotechnology Graz University of Technology, Petersgasse 14, A-8010 Graz Austria Project title: Widening the substrate …Read More »
  • J. Paris

    J. Paris

    a.k.a. ESR11 Chair of Organic Chemistry Bielefeld University Bielefeld Germany Project title: Process design for enantioselective syntheses of amines based …Read More »

The Biocascades Project is a joint collaboration among the following university and industrial partners