Aline Telzerow

a.k.a. ESR10

Institute of Molecular Biotechnology
Graz University of Technology,
Petersgasse 14, A-8010 Graz

Short Bio

My name is Aline Telzerow. I am a PhD student at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology at Graz University of Technology. I have a B.Sc. in Molecular Biotechnology from Bielefeld University (Germany) and a M.Sc. in Molecular and Applied Biotechnology from RWTH Aachen University (Germany). After my bachelor’s degree studies I worked at Enzymicals AG in Greifswald (Germany) where I discovered my interest in enzymes. Consequently, I specialized in industrial biotechnology for my master’s degree. During my studies I went abroad to do an internship at CSIRO in Melbourne (Australia) and came back with extended knowledge in protein expression and purification. I also did an Erasmus exchange at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) where I wrote my master’s thesis on the mutagenesis of sortases. Now, I am enthusiastic about my PhD project “Widening the substrate scope of transaminases with protein engineering”. I especially like that it combines academic research at the Graz University of Technology (Austria) and industrial application at DSM (The Netherlands).