Olha Sviatenko

a.k.a. ESR7

Department of Biotechnology and Enzyme Catalysis
Institute of Biochemistry
Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald
Felix-Hausdorff-Str. 4
Greifswald 17487, Germany

Short Bio

I am Olha Sviatenko. I obtained my Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology in the National Aviation University (Institute of Ecological Safety, Department of Biotechnology) in Ukraine (Kiev). As I would like to be engaged in the research field of industrially valuable enzyme obtaining and application, I am studying as a PhD student in Institute of Biochemistry of Greifswald University now. My research project presupposes obtaining of optically pure 1-amino-cyclohexane-4-ol, which is a valuable building block for pharmaceutical industry, with application of enzymatic transamination and ketoreduction. I am very inspired to participate in the project, results of which will be applied for practical purposes in industry.