Federica Ruggieri

a.k.a. ESR8

SARomics Biostructures AB
Medicon Village
SE-223 81 Lund

Short Bio

My name is Federica Ruggieri and I am ESR8. I obtained both my bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and my master’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology by the University of Padua (Italy). My curiosity towards applied research and structural biology led me to my current PhD project, whose goal is the development of a one-pot deracemization system catalyzed by a set of enantiocomplementary -transaminases for the production of pharmaceutically-relevant chiral amines. Although my project is moving its first steps in The Netherlands by the company ViaZym and TU Delft, my research will be mostly carried out in Sweden by the company SARomics Biostructures and KTH. This project will give me a great chance to deepen my knowledge in the fields of biocatalysis and structure-driven protein engineering. I really look forward to it!