Upscaling of ω-transaminase catalysed cascade reactions for high-value chemicals production

Fellow: ESR9
Host Institution: School of Biotechnology Kunglinga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)- Sweden
Secondments: Entrechem-Spain, Enzymicals-Germany
Supervisors: P. Berglund (KTH), F.Moris & J. Sabin (Entrechem), R. Wardenga (Enzymicals)

This PhD will focus on the scale-up and optimization experiments for production of high-value compounds. The ESR is expected to optimize reaction protocol to allow production of industrially relevant amines and derivatives.

1.Development of a mathematical modelling script to identify the bottlenecks and to guide optimization experiments
2. Optimizing previously developed one pot cascade reaction in terms of space time yield for the production of high-value chemicals
3. Scale up of enzyme production and reaction scale to permit industrial application of the cascade

The Biocascades Project is a joint collaboration among the following university and industrial partners